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Self Help Starter Kit – $65.90

Included: Pain Erasure: The Bonnie Prudden Way, Self Help Shepherd’s Crook, Medium Bodo

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Pain Erasure: The Bonnie Prudden Way (softcover) – $16.95

pain-erasure-bonnie-pruddenFor people of all ages…Safe, long-term relief from arthritis, headaches, backaches, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, trick knees, bursitis, and more! Requiring no special training or equipment, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is a natural, simple technique that can be performed in the home. Bonnie Prudden’s step-by-step method has been hailed by doctors and patients across America for its extraordinary 95 percent success rate.

Three Easy Steps to Pain Relief

  1. Locate your trigger points–as individual as your fingerprints.
  2. Apply seven seconds of pressure to where it hurts.
  3. Stretch the affected muscles with simple exercises.

Illustrated with charts, photographs, and diagrams and featuring a life-time exercise program for pain prevention.

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Myotherapy-by-bonnie-pruddenMyotherapy: Bonnie Prudden’s Complete Guide to Pain-Free Living (softcover book) – $19.95

The companion book to PAIN ERASURE. MYOTHERAPY provides not only the direction for becoming pain-free, but also a program for maintaining that state. This book focuses on muscle pain stemming from sports, occupations and hobbies. It introduces “Quick Fix,” a method of treating many muscle-related pain in minutes and “Permanent Fix,” the follow up. Photos of how to use Self help tools Shepherd’s Crook and Bodos are included. Unique to this book is Self Center, a way to make your home into a gym. Additional chapters discuss scoliosis, posture, disease and offer sound advice on how to prepare for aging. MYOTHERAPY is profusely illustrated, with step-by-step corrective exercises and detailed photographs and diagrams that indicate exactly what part of the body and which muscles are being worked on. A must book for health-care professionals. If you already have PAIN ERASURE, you’ll want to add MYOTHERAPY to your library. (350 pages)

Illustrated, with step-by-step corrective exercises and detailed photographs and diagrams that indicate exactly what part of the body and which muscles are being worked on.

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Bonnie Prudden’s After Fifty Fitness Guide – $19.95

From America’s #1 fitness expert: advice and inspiration to make your longer life brighter, healthier, and happier!

A book that can really change your life? Yes! Bonnie Prudden’s After Fifty Fitness Guide is that and more. A vital and vigorous leader of the after fifty crowd, Bonnie Prudden does more than inspire. She shows you, step-by-step, how to maintain, repair, tune up, and take charge of your body, your mind, and your spirit so that you feel great every single day.

Bonnie Prudden’s After Fifty Fitness Guide, filled with photographs, charts, and drawings, will help you discover ways to keep fit, supple, and strong with over 100 completely illustrated exercises, from warm-ups, stretches, and strenuous exercises for the already fit, to “Bed Ballet” for the convalescent and stretches and bends that can be done in a chair or with a walker. You’ll also learn how to be pain-free with Bonnie Prudden’s special Myotherapy℠ pain erasure techniques.

Improve the quality of your life right now, through work, play, and good relationships, boundless joy and–above all–exercise every day. For the after fifty crowd, this can indeed be a golden time!

Illustrated, with step-by-step corrective exercises and detailed photographs and diagrams that indicate exactly what part of the body and which muscles are being worked on.

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How to Keep Your Child Fit from Birth to Six – $12.95

Exercise for Babies? Isn’t that carrying fitness a bit too far? Not according to Bonnie Prudden. Tests show that American children don’t meet minimum fitness standards and lag far behind European children in physical ability. Why? Lack of exercise in the first few years of life.

In this completely revised, newly photographed, and fully updated total fitness program for the first six years, Bonnie Prudden provides a sound, sensible, and enjoyable way to make sure our kids get an early start on a lifetime of exercise. This book also includes a special chapter on how to use Bonnie Prudden Pain Erasure for relieving teething pain, colic and other growing pains.

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Teenage Fitness – $10.95

A great body can be yours…go for it! You already know how important exercise is for your good looks, good feelings, and good performance–in school and out. But exercise can also be fun–and smoothly fit into your busy day.

So where do you start? That’s easy. With Bonnie Prudden and Teenage Fitness. She’ll guide you right from the beginning with the appropriate exercise for your needs–and you’ll even have fun while you’re building those muscles or firming those thighs! With over 400 photos and step-by-step instructions, you’ll find everything for your exercise style and body shape.

Improve you sports performance as well as relieve menstrual cramps, headaches and shoulder pain with the special chapter on Bonnie Prudden’s Pain Erasure.

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How to Keep Your Family Fit and Healthy (Hardcover Book) – $5.00

American families probably have more leisure time than ever before. But are we in shape to really enjoy it?

This book outlines a unique approach to physical fitness that brings the family together for mutual fun, recreation and general health improvement. There are exercises for all age levels and instructions on how to use your home as the basis for an inexpensive and functional gym of your own.



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Your Baby Can Swim (soft cover) – $12.00

The best months for teaching a baby to swim are between one and four months. At that time they have a breath holding reflex and swimming reflexes. If the water is warm and they are placed face down in it they will swim away from you. From four months on the reflex begins to wane, so don’t wait. If you are a baby swim teacher this will give you a host of new ideas. A wonderful gift for expectant or new mother.




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Exer-Sex (soft cover) – $9.00

This is a gentle book about sensuality, and loving and enjoying and caring and touching and holding and wanting and giving. There isn’t any age limit and it won’t make you feel badly if you haven’t set any records. It will show you how really sensual you are…and how to make the most of it.

As for sex…well, do you have any idea how many books on sex tell you HOW to? Hundreds. But has any one of them given you the WITH WHAT….TO HOW TO WITH? No. Exer-Sex will give you the body you need and want, not just for sex….that really is a fairly limited aspect…but for the sensual enjoyment of life, people and everything around you.



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