Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® Online Courses

Learn the original Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® techniques and use your new found skills to prolong your own career – as well as to help your clients move and live more comfortably and happily.

  1. Search:  Locate trigger points based on individual muscle history
  2. Press: To relax the muscles apply 7 seconds of pressure to the offending trigger point.
  3. Stretch: To return the newly relaxed muscles to their natural resting length, use specific passive and corrective exercises.

Plan Ahead

To get the most from the courses, plan ahead by finding a friend willing to be worked on as you follow your instructor through each muscle group.  Books referenced in the course are: Level I and II Manuals, Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way and Myotherapy: Bonnie Prudden’s Complete Guide to Pain-Free Living.

How to work on yourself using the Shepard’s Crook and bodos self-help tools is also demonstrated.

Although the friend, books and tools are not necessary, you will profit more in the long run if you have them available.  Manuals, books and tools can be found on this website.

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Courses are taught by Sandra Dirks, graduate of the 1300 hour Bonnie Prudden  School for Physical Fitness and Myotherapy.  Sandra is a Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Master Instructor, and has been teaching and practicing BPM since 1986.   She was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2015, and is licensed as a Massage Therapist in Iowa.


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