Softcover Book: Pain Erasure The Bonnie Prudden Way

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2 reviews for Softcover Book: Pain Erasure The Bonnie Prudden Way

  1. Kate

    This book is my “bible”. I have read it so much I have practically memorized it. I first found this long ago in the early 70s, I believe…. I ‘borrowed’ my mom’s copy and never returned it to her. I totally wore it out and my second copy was autographed by Bonnie so I treat it gently…. ordering a third copy today— and also another for my massage therapist. Thank you for carrying on and helping people by your work… and keeping this wonderful knowledge out there…

  2. Jamie Pavlas

    My father was having severe back pain in the 90’s. Mom borrowed this book from a friend and I started “messing” around with it as it seemed interesting. Making someone feel better by pushing on certain areas of the body! The trigger points were easy to find, they are painful. One instance my father fell to the ground slowly, his muscles were in spasm and he was in pain. I took a couple minutes outside on the pavement to push on the trigger points I had learned in this book and he rose up and had very little pain. We still talk about that day almost 30 years ago and don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t t for this book. I have helped with my moms neck and my wife’s back also. Thanks Bonnie!

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