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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® (service to muscle) is a technique used to erase muscle pain and restore muscle function. No needles, drugs or machines are used.

Treatment By Appointment Only

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First Treatment – $100.00
90 Minutes Session (includes history)
Subsequent Treatments – $100.00
60 Minute Session

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Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, such as t-shirts, warm-ups or slacks. No jeans.

Trigger Points

A Trigger Point is a highly irritable spot in a muscle. Trigger points are laid down in muscles all through life. A fall, blow, knock, strain, sprain, or repetitive movement, for example, can insult the muscles.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® has helped people from conductor composer Leonard Bernstein to ball player Mark McGwire.

Spasm-Pain-Spasm Cycle

A trigger point lies quiet in a muscle until the physical and emotional climate is right, and then it “fires.” Its firing throws the muscle into spasm. This causes pain. The body’s autonomic nervous system’s answer is to send more spasm which causes more pain to the damaged area. We now have the Spasm-Pain-Spasm Cycle: for instance, chronic back pain, headaches and knee pain.

When is Myotherapy is Effective?

Myotherapy is effective whenever the pain is muscle related. Most chronic pain is caused by muscle spasm. If you have chronic muscle pain, your medical tests are negative and your doctor has ruled out pathology or injury needing medical attention, there is a 95% chance that Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® will work to erase your muscle pain.

Devine Starlaryl, MD “Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain,” Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD “The Pain Cure” and Jesse Stoff, MD, “Chronic Fatigue: The Hidden Epidemic” all acknowledge the efficacy of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® in their books.

During a Myotherapy treatment the Spasm-Pain-Spasm Cycle is broken.

  • Key posture muscles are checked for weakness and trigger points.
  • Pressure is applied to trigger points for five to seven seconds. This encourages the muscle to relax and the pain to lessen.
  • Passive exercise is used to stretch and retrain the newly relaxed muscle. This encourages the muscles to remain pain-free.
  • Patient is taught Self-Help Myotherapy techniques to be used between treatments. This usually reduces the number of treatments needed. The average number of treatments is three to seven.
  • A program of home exercise is initiated. These are designed to take only a few minutes at a time and when done properly and regularly are the key to long term pain relief.

Following a Myotherapy Treatment

Patients usually record less pain, better range of motion, a feeling of looseness or lightness and improved sleep patterns.

How Can I Learn More?

  • Call (520) 299-8064 for a no-charge, no-obligation phone consultation about your muscle pain problem.
  • Visit our website at for information about products, workshops and treatments. Email us with your questions:
  • Read: Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way, a self-help text for those interested in erasing muscle pain.
  • Attend our 15 hour Myotherapy Weekend Workshop. Self-Help Myotherapy and how to work on a partner are taught.
  • Schedule an educational family/neighbor Myotherapy seminar in your own home — two to ten participants.
  • Schedule a lecture/demonstration for your business, organization, conference, or church.

Following are some of the physical problems that respond to Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®.

Although Myotherapy does not cure disease, it does relieve pain and stiffness, increase range of motion, decrease swelling, improve strength, balance and quality of life.


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    Headache Carpal Tunnel Sprains Multiple Sclerosis Turned Out Feet
    Neck Pain TMJ (Jaw Pain) Muscle Pulls Stroke Scoliosis
    Shoulder Pain Shin Splints Parkinson’s Growing Pains
    Arm Pain Menstrual Cramps Arthritis Poor Posture
    Elbow Pain Sciatica Teething
    Wrist Pain Tennis Elbow Muscle Weakness
    Hand Pain Fibromyalgia Spasticity
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    Ankle Pain
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    About Enid Whittaker, Managing Director

    Enid Whittaker (left) and Sandy Dirks (right) hold their certificates as inductees into the Massage Hall of Fame (2015)

    Enid Whittaker (left) and Sandy Dirks (right) hold their certificates as inductees into the Massage Hall of Fame (2015)

    Enid Whittaker has been working with Bonnie Prudden for the past 40 years. As Managing Director, Enid’s seminars and lecture/demonstrations on exercise, Myotherapy, stress relief and fitness the Bonnie Prudden Way are presented for national conferences, clubs and businesses. Enid is dedicated to developing strong, healthy, active, pain-free bodies. She has the experience and expertise to improve the physical health and wellbeing of people of all ages and abilities.

    She continues to run Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy, Inc., which was founded by Bonnie Prudden, who was a world-class author, educator, innovator, humanitarian, activist, TV and radio personality, world class rock climber). Bonnie Prudden was a foremost authority on physical fitness and exercise therapy since the 1950s. Her research on the fitness of American children helped create the President’s Council on Youth Fitness during the Eisenhower administration. In 1976, recognizing that 95% of all chronic pain is muscular in origin, she developed a revolutionary technique of pain relief that has earned widespread medical endorsement. She describes this technique in her New York Times best-selling book Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way.

    Read: Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way