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Due to COVID 19, strict guidelines regarding sanitizing are required in order to conduct live classes. Because of the nature of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® classes which require very close one on one work, we feel that it is best to postpone all of our October and November workshops and training at this time. We will update you HERE at the beginning of the year once we have made decisions to reschedule them.
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If you need CE Hours or you just want to learn more about Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy CLICK below for our ON-LINE Level I Class. The class is NCBTMB APPROVED FOR 13 HOURS.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Training Workshops & Certifications

Learn Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy from our Master Myotherapists.  The Introduction Workshop is a 13 CE hour “Hands-on”  weekend workshop designed for professionals and laypersons to use “Quick-Fix” techniques on patients and/or for self-care.

The Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Certification Program is divided into 3 levels, designed to train individuals in Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy and Corrective Movements.  Certification program is for licensed professionals.   

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The bestselling Pain Erasure – The Bonnie Prudden Way, Myotherapy:  Bonnie Prudden’s Complete Guide To Pain-Free Living as well as other books and self-care tools are available for purchase through our secure store.  

Physical Education Starts at Home with Enid Whittaker The Lean Berets Podcast

by Enid Whittaker

Family Fitness - The Lean Berets Podcast

by Enid Whittaker

The Bonnie Prudden Way of Myotherapy

by Douglas Stephey, O.D., M.S.

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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®

“Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is a method of relaxing muscle spasm, improving circulation and alleviating pain. To defuse ‘trigger points,’ pressure is applied to the muscle for several seconds by means of fingers, knuckles and elbows. The success of this method depends on the use of specific corrective exercise for the freed muscles. The method was developed by Bonnie Prudden in 1976.”
Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 17th Edition

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® is a hands-on, drugless, non-invasive method of relieving muscle related pain which emphasizes speedy, cost effective recovery and active patient participation for long-term relief. Myotherapy relaxes muscles, improves circulation and alleviates pain in all parts of the body. It increases strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina and energy. Work and play performance, posture, gait,and sleep patterns are all improved quickly, effectively and long lastingly. During a Myotherapy session, the patient, shoeless and wearing loose clothing, lies relaxed on a table as the body is checked for areas of potentially active trigger points, highly irritable spots that remain in the muscle after it has been damaged.

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  Lucky are those who escape a seemingly innocent fender bender or bumper thumper without a whiplash. Simply defined, whiplash is the injury resulting from a sudden force causing the head to go forward and backward – usually following a rear impact – while in a...

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Included: Pain Erasure: The Bonnie Prudden Way, Self Help Shepherd’s Crook, Medium Bodo

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    I developed fibromyalagia in the fall of 2002. The orthopedic specialist sent me to his recommended physiotherapy center; unfortunately, it was not helpful in bringing relief to my body. I had debilitating spasms and cramping. On a return appointment to the ortho-doctor, he suggested I give Lori Drummond a call, saying that some of his patients had received much relief and help from her. I did, and the rest is history. I entered her therapy office, hunched over and hobbling, and left standing upright, almost completely normal. I continued to come to her for awhile. Lori’s skill is amazing. I felt so blessed for her help and for being treated by her. She is a very kind person, and extremely proficient at her profession! Thank you, Lori! (I will be reordering a bodo set.)

    Diane Jean Ragland

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