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Professional Affiliations
Certified Bonnie Prudden Master Myotherapist
Certified Bonnie Prudden Exercise Myotherapist
Member, International Myotherapy Association

Lois C. Sjogren began her Myotherapy practice in 1984 after graduating from The Bonnie Prudden School in Lenox, Massachusetts, with certifications in Myotherapy and Exercise Therapy.

Lois is passionate about helping others. During the past 28+ years, her patients have included humans of all ages, as well as horses, dogs and cats.

What is Myotherapy?
Myotherapy is a therapeutic technique to relieve muscular pain, limited range of motion, swelling and stiffness associated with muscular pain. Myotherapy works on the pain and dysfunction of recent injuries as well as on chronic pain. Myotherapists specialize in muscles and are uniquely qualified to work with such diverse problems as low back pain, all kinds of headaches, accident-related injuries and the swelling and muscular discomfort due to a variety of diseases.

Praise for Lois
“Lois is the kind of person you just want to sit next to and bathe in her aura. She is so full of light and energy that it all just overflows. Lois loves to travel and learn and is always current on what is happening in the field. My session was wonderful. Yes, it can get deep and painful but Lois was very attuned to me and the moment I flinched she let up. She warned me that in Myotherapy things seem to get worse before they get better, which was exactly what happened. The next morning when I awoke, I felt as if I’d been beat up the day before. However, by noon, I was feeling a lot better and called and thanked her.” – David B.

“Lois’s magic elbow and Myotherapy techniques have helped me overcome many conditions that otherwise might have become debilitating as I grow older. I no longer experience the discomfort of Ranaud’s disease; TMJ or shoulder knots from stress.” – Ann D.

“I owe my current good health to Lois – I have been going at least once a month for the past 20 years. I never miss an appointment. She is a true master at her craft. I have been doing deep tissue work for over 20 years. Lois is by far the best I have ever worked with. In an age of few masters, one still exists in Lois Sjogren. She is a miracle worker.” – Jack M.

“About 13 years ago I developed right groin pain that was so intense I couldn’t even make it through the grocery store without sitting down. I went to a medical doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, a physical therapist, a Rolfer, a myofascial release therapist, and a massage therapist and at best, some of them were able to take the pain away for awhile, but it would always return. After seeing Lois for a few sessions, and having some chiropractic work done, the pain is now gone. I can walk all I want and I have no pain in my groin at all! I have been pain-free for months! Not only did Lois’ trigger point work take away my groin pain, but it has also released the tightness and achiness in my upper back and neck that I always had, due to working on a computer all day. She released the trigger points and suggested some exercises, I do the exercises regularly, and I am pain-free now, all without any drugs or invasive techniques! It truly has changed my life!” – Ann P.

“I hated my knees, not because they didn’t work, but because they were fat. They had handles of fat on the inside and drooping fat over the top of the kneecap. My weight fluctuated a little over the years but I was never really overweight, except for my knees. They looked like they belonged to somebody else, a very fat somebody else.

Lois Sjogren was using Myotherapy to help me with back pain and I mentioned that I was considering liposuction to rid myself of my chubby knees. It was interesting to watch her reaction; let’s just say it wasn’t supportive. Lois started talking about the trigger points that would be created by the kind of trauma liposuction would create and the insult to a healthy body and a lot of other good points that I had not considered. Lois said she would use Myotherapy on my knees and see if once the trigger points were released the protective fat might go away. At that point it would have been interesting to watch my reaction; let’s just say it wasn’t supportive.

Lois pressed on and I agreed to give it a try. Lois began treating my knees and the pain was awful. My knees were ridiculously sensitive to the touch, something I had never known because I didn’t spend a lot of time jamming my thumb into my knees. I was sure she was using a hot poker on my knees but when she touched my arm with the same pressure she was using on my knees, it felt like a butterfly had landed. So much for the hot poker theory!

Gradually my knees became less sensitive to the touch and Lois could actually begin putting pressure on the trigger points. The fat on my knees did not miraculously disappear, as I had hoped it would, but it did seem as though there was less fat. Power of suggestion, hopeful thinking, and delusional thinking were the phrases that ran through my head as I began to perceive that there was a change in my knees.

Over the next several months it was no longer a perception; it was a reality that my knees had less fat and were smaller. I was amazed and delighted with the change. I now have normal looking knees, they aren’t skinny, but then neither am I, but they are in proportion with the rest of me, which is a wonderful change.

When Lois first suggested Myotherapy could help my knees, I was hugely skeptical but her instincts were right and I often think of how happy I am that I used Myotherapy instead of liposuction to achieve the results that I wanted.” – Caragh B.


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