DON’T JUST SIT there! Action promotes healing. This is especially true in the case of injury or surgery to the lower leg/ankle/foot and the forearm/wrist/hand. These areas are furthest from the heart and so action in the area of the hip where the lower leg and foot are concerned and the shoulder where the forearm and hand are concerned help to promote better circulation and nutrition to the areas and thus faster healing.

Dr Hans KrausIn early 1930s a young doctor in Austria trained as a fracture specialist decided to do a little experiment. He divided his roughly 100 patients who had wrist fractures and casts into two groups. Following the surgery he prescribed simple shoulder shrugs to one group and no exercise to the second group. No matter the severity or type of fracture, the group performing the shoulder shrugs healed faster.

The young doctor was Hans Kraus who went on to immigrate to America in the late 30s and became known as the BACK DOCTOR and the SKI DOCTOR because he got his patients up, moving and back on the slopes in record time. He did this with what is called IMMEDIATE MOBILIZATION which I describe in this blog Immediate Mobilization: Sprain Today, Walk Tomorrow – Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy, and can be used almost any time there is an injury to a joint area. Read the story of the doctor, his experiment, and how you can get better faster.

Myotherapy BookA combination of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy, which helps relax the muscles, opens up the pathways and follows with specific exercise makes way for better circulation, reduced swelling, less pain, and increased range of motion resulting in faster healing.

Most doctors understand the importance of movement and healing and you want to be up, moving and resuming your normal activities as soon as possible. If the doctor casts your ankle, ask if there is any reason why you can’t treat the trigger points in your hip and leg and follow with hip twists. If your wrist is cast ask if you can treat the trigger points starting in the shoulder, work down to the cast and follow with shoulder shrugs.

Once the cast is off head for the ocean, the river, the lake, the pool, the hot tub, the bathtub or even the pail. Water offers buoyancy and resistance and both of those make it possible for the injured part to move easier which promotes faster recovery. It is the action of the muscle that pumps the debris out. So action reduces swelling, which reduces pain and leads to better range of motion and a smile on your face.Drawing of legs and arms with trigger points, etc


Your body will thank you, you will be up and running and the doctor will pat him/herself on the back

Action promotes healing! Happy healing!

Surgeries and Injuries: Preparation and Recovery – Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy


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