Doorway GymSTUCK AT HOME? Gym closed? Wondering how to get in shape or keep in shape? Wondering how to keep the kids busy and in shape? Homeschooling? In schooling?


    • Everyone has a doorway.
    • Can be used by any age and ability.
    • Easy to make.
    • Easy to install.
    • Costs little.
    • Doesn’t take up any space.
    • Can be used in many different ways.

Home School and in School
Studies find that kids focus and learn better if they have physical outlets to relieve the stress of sitting. The doorway gym can be installed in the classroom doorway as easily as in the home doorway. One first grade teacher installed the doorway gym which offered her students Doorway Gym Partsnumerous innovative ways to develop their muscles, relieve stress and have fun too.

Doorway GymAt Home
A chinning bar in the doorway is good, but limited. The doorway gym is only limited by your imagination. Instead of just the chinning bar at the top, the doorway gym allows you to either move the bars or add bars at different levels.

Two Inches
Supports at two inches above the floor are put in horizontally so that you can put your feet underneath and do bent knee sit-ups.

Littles can be challenged to step or crawl over.

Add a board and beginning crawlers can go up and down the board. Going Doorway Gymup they develop legs and hips, going down develops arms and shoulders.

Ten and Twenty Inches
At this height kids can go under or climb or jump over. Adults can use the board to do sit-ups on a slant.

Thirty-Six Inches
At this level kids can hang, do pinwheels, skin the cat, and chin ups with legs straight out in front and heels resting on the floor.

Four Inches from the Top
The top bar can be used for chinning and let downs. A let down is how you begin if you can’t yet do a chin up.

Doorway Gym: Rubber StrapDoorway Gym Stretches: Rubber StrapIn addition, add a rope to the top bar. Kids can swing through the door and climb the rope. Oldsters can hold on to the rope for balance as they do knee bends.

Add two rubber straps for stretches.

Baby Climbing Up Doorway Gym BarsBabies can climb before they can walk. Add additional bars to be used as stall bars or a climbing ladder. Climbing up and down builds upper and lower body, balance and courage.

ENJOY. Once started there will be no end to the “tricks” you and you family will invent using this simple tool to stretch and strengthen your muscles.


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