Snow Saucer Child.abbat-f4Z2czDXO0U-unsplashLONG AGO WE walked to school, to work, to the store, library, playground, train, and to the bus. We used our bikes, scooters, skates, and sleds. And the weather didn’t matter. We ran, skipped, jumped rope, kicked the can, and played hop scotch. For the most part our bodies served us well because we used them often and in many different ways. We felt good and it felt good to move.

walking with skateboard.jan-kopriva-NdMgcYQDgvE-unsplashWhen we grew up we continued to use our bodies, the ones we’d built from birth, for tennis, swimming, skiing, golf, and climbing.

Now, what might be called natural exercise has gone a glimmering. We sit for hours at a time in cars, at work, in school, in front of TV and eat the food we see advertised.

Hopscotch.laura-rivera-MRlFZs_WZdI-unsplashWhenever there is a void… someone will fill it with something.

So along came the marketers and the gadgets reminding us that we must exercise. For only $29.95 for four months we can purchase gadget #1. Gadget #1 – the latest version – shows a class full of people sitting in chairs and pedaling while they watch TV, knit, or read. They claim that you use all the muscles in your lower body.

It is mindless, boring, and repetitive, doesn’t use full range of motion, and is not weight bearing. If it is mindless and boring you won’t be doing it for long. If it is repetitive you will be sore and maybe hurt. Muscles like variety. If it doesn’t use full range of motion you will be stiff and inflexible unless you incorporate your own strengthening and flexibility program to be done when you and your muscles are warm.

The next new gadget is a balloon-like blow up thing which shows you how to do a number of exercises. It reminds you that with this gadget you don’t have to get down on the floor. What is wrong with getting down on the floor? Unless you get down and get up you lose the strength and flexibility to do so easily. And should you fall you will need to use those muscles to get up. The exercises shown can be done on the floor easily and will not cost you a dime.

Lastly, for now, have you seen the ad for shoes that can be put on and taken off without bending over? Really? Not doing leads to more not doing which leads to doing nothing.

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Let Your Body Be Your Guide
YOU know your body better than anyone else. Let your body be your guide. Listen to what it’s telling you. It rarely lies. Don’t set your goal by the person next to you or on TV. Set your own goal and don’t ignore what your body is telling you.


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