Disease, Trigger Points and Muscle Pain
VARIOUS DISEASES cause pain; multiple sclerosis is one such villain that can be counted on to do that. No matter the rascal at work, don’t think disease, think pain.

Most pain is muscle-related and if it is muscle-related, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy has a good chance of relieving it.

Trigger points are irritable spots in the muscle laid down whenever there is injury to the muscle. When they are “on” they cause the muscle to spasm which then leads to pain. Disease affects trigger points in two ways: it lays down new ones and heats up old ones. Every time you ache with the flu, your illness is ‘turning on’ old trigger points.

Muscle Man FrontSymptoms and Relief
Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® plays a very important role in treating the pain and weakness accompanying diseases that are cyclic (recurring or moving in cycles). When diseases are active they are often said to be “in flare.” When they are quiet they are said to be “in remission.”

Muscle pain, weakness and loss of balance are three of the symptoms that most often go along with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. There is no “cure” yet for MS. However, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is very good at addressing this trio and once the muscles are cleared of trigger points and spasm, they begin to obey again.

The Key to Moving Forward
People who have made their way to us with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis have all had several things in common. They have all wanted to try something other than drugs, the limitation of a wheelchair and exclusion from the enjoyment of life.

Muscle Man BackAnd over many years they have all aided us in understanding how Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy helps, and how we can erase pain, improve range of motion, increase strength and amplify whatever works.

Years ago while presenting a workshop in Texas, a beautiful young woman volunteered when Bonnie asked for someone with leg pain. She struggled up the two steps of the staging and after a Myotherapy “Quick Fix” – which usually lasts about 10 minutes and consists of finding and defusing key trigger points causing the problem and then stretching the freed muscles – she almost “danced” back down to her chair.

We learned that three years before she had been diagnosed with MS after having woken up one morning blind in one eye and not able to get out of bed. Although she had been pretty much bed ridden since, that day was the first step on the road back to a joy filled and pain-free life.

Were there challenges? Of course. But she had some pluses on her side. As an athlete and a dancer she had a strong and flexible body. And here is a key:

Look Ahead.
Always keep in mind that if there is a disease ahead, the state you are in when you contract it can determine how fast, and to what extent, you will recover. Have all parts of yourself functioning well, all the time, so you always have the advantage on your side.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy does not “cure” any disease. But it does erase muscle pain, which allows exercise, which leads to returned strength, flexibility and endurance.

Start by reading and applying the principles of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy described and outlined in Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way, or Myotherapy, Bonnie Prudden’s Complete Guide to Pain Free Living.

Next, begin your exercise essential program. Those who do best exercise as though their lives depend on it… because they do. Many of the blogs on our website show you how to start your evaluation and begin your program.

The foot exercises and massage in Pain Erasure (pages 111 and 112) are very important for anyone with diabetes or multiple sclerosis. [See the following two Bonnie Prudden blogs for additional exercises and information: May 1, 2013: Where Are My Muscle Weaknesses and What Do I Do About Them, and December 1, 2014: Plantar Fasciitis.]

A Word About Medications
People with diseases often take powerful medications that can be very dangerous, yet many patients we’ve seen thrive on exercise and take only aspirin. When a disease is in remission, it is a good idea if medication can be discontinued to allow the body to rebuild itself.

If the trigger points are erased during remission and the body is strengthened through exercise, remission time can be used to regain health; then the “flare” – when it does occur – will be easier to bear. Remissions seem to have a schedule all their own, and some go on and on. However, when pain creeps in, Myotherapy seems to discourage it at once.

The Last Word
Don’t be a candidate for depression. The less pain you have and the stronger you are the “lighter” you will feel, and depression will have less chance of finding a place in your day.

Start with your body and your head will go along. You can’t count on anyone to be responsible for you, other than yourself.


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Enid Whittaker, Managing Director, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy