BIKINI TIME! Or at the very least bathing suit time is upon us. And whether you walk, duck, run, jump or dive into that watery bliss, it is time to get ready.

If you have a pool, think about draining it before it gets too hot and then decorating it with fun figures and games. Most pools need refreshing after the winter so why not keep the kids busy and enjoy your creation all summer.

Bonnie Prudden pool Stockbridge MAThe pool at Bonnie’s home in Stockbridge, Massachusettes, was decorated every year by her young, eager, and creative staff. The pool became an underwater playground under the direction of their paint and brushes. The 1978 Poolife included a photo in their summer issue.

The bull’s eye was placed so that a dive straight down netted a perfect  entry. Checkers anyone? For checkers, the swimmers used containers painted red and black and filled with cement. To make a move the swimmer had to take one of the containers, dive to the bottom, place it on a square of his choosing and then resurface.

When I taught Bonnie Prudden Gym / Swim for children birth to six, I stuck plungers on the sides of the pool under water. We threw in rings, “dove” in (with a bit of help from mom, dad, or someone), retrieved them, and then placed them on the plunger handle.

Pool Towel ExercisesGot a bench poolside? Put one end in the water and use it as a slide for the little ones. And don’t forget the underwater hula hoops and the noodles.

You will always have a towel with you, so use it to stretch and strengthen.

Don’t know what to do? Just start.

And if you have music on the pool deck it will be easier to think of different ways to use the towel. Music lends creativity to the moves. It tells you what to do… if you listen.

Hips and Abdominal ExercisesHips, thighs and abdominals seem to concern almost everyone. Try these. It looks like they worked for our model!

Barricades DO NOT KEEP CHILDREN SAFE FROM WATER. Prepare your children by making them water safe. Children drown in silence. You cannot yell and take a breath at the same time.

Enjoy. Be wise. Be safe.


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