Self Help Starter Kit Plus FREE Fit and Pain Free Bonnie Prudden DVDCONSIDER GIFTING the Bonnie Prudden Self Help Starter Kit for pain-free living this holiday. Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® treats muscle related pain such as back pain, headaches, knee, and shoulder pain.

There are 640 muscles in the body, so it makes sense that most of the pain suffered by ordinary people like you and me is muscle related. It is reported that 85% of the population experience back pain at some time during their lifetime.

Bonnie was one of those.

A ski accident at age 23 left her with a fractured pelvis in four places, and throughout much of her young life she wore a steel and leather back brace.

Young Bonnie Prudden wearing steel-leather back braceRelief came to her when Dr. Hans Kraus, her climbing mentor and well known New York psychiatrist, introduced her to trigger point injections and rehabilitative exercise in the late 1940s.

dancing woman drawing by Bonnie PruddenBonnie was, among other things, a problem solver and visionary. She believed that “Pain, not death, is the enemy of mankind.” She also believed that if WE THE PEOPLE had the right information and the tools that we could, for the most part, take care of our muscles.

In 1976 she began her research and development of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®, and in the fall of 1980 M. Evans released her book Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way. They sent her on a three-month book tour and after the first six weeks of an exhausting 30 cities, it was listed as a New York Times best seller. The book has remained in print ever since, a testament to its efficacy for the common good of mankind the world over.

It introduced the words “trigger points” – the cause of most muscle spasm and pain – to the lay person. It laid out a simple system of how to locate and treat trigger points and the corrective exercises that would retrain the muscles and restore them to a pain free resting length.

Crawling party person drawing by Bonnie PruddenThe tools used to deactivate the trigger points? NOT injections. They are fingers, knuckles, elbows and self-help tools designed by Bonnie. That means YOU are in charge.

Since 1980 millions have used the information in Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way to help themselves, family, friends, and all those they care about to alleviate common aches and pain due to daily living, accidents, occupations, sports, and disease… why not you and those you care about?

Self Help Starter Kit plus FREE DVD Fit and Pain Free Bonnie Prudden WayIf you are wondering what to do with your ongoing “lockdown time,” how about learning the system that will improve your life and the life of your family?

Little did I know, when I first met Bonnie in January of 1971, that she would go on to develop Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®, and that I would be one of the most lucky beneficiaries. A sledding accident when I was 6 (my face met up with an ice bank at the bottom of the hill) left me with severe stiff necks. My stiff necks are a thing of the past and at 82 years old I remain happily pain free.

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