According to a recent on line Harvard Health Publishing article, “…exercise can keep you from developing high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and some kinds of cancer.” And it can even “lower your risk of heart disease as effectively as medications.” And with no side effects yet!

The article goes on to say that it also helps “ease arthritis pain, sharpen your memory, trim your waistline and preserve your independence.”

Skeletons - drawings by Bonnie PruddenAnd then it asks the all-important question: “So why isn’t everyone exercising?” One of the biggest reasons, they say, is because people don’t know where to start or they can’t find a program that is easy to stick with.

Then you have to ask yourself the question WHY NOT? Why don’t people know where to start?

The answer is that we are a physically uneducated nation.

  1. We started throwing the good stuff out in 1930. The good stuff was what the immigrants brought with them from Germany, Sweden, and Finland. The Czechoslovakian SOKOL physical system of exercise found its way to St. Louis, Mo as early as 1865. However, it wasn’t American and God forbid we should learn something from others even though it worked more than fine.
  2. At the same time we started to develop things that made our life easier. We gave up using our bodies, started pushing buttons, watching and riding and we didn’t replace it with anything else. VOID.

I shouldn’t say we didn’t replace it because we did…with balls: baseballs footballs and basketballs. All great for “Naturals,” tall, big guys. Where does that leave the other 99% of us? VOID.

We have been starving our children for generations. We do everything we can think of to protect them but we starve them of exercise. We have developed a standard of living, which has threatened to make the muscles obsolete. Doctors do not get any basic training in either exercise or nutrition. Yet most of us go to them because we have Two Gals Walkingdeveloped one of the problems that exercise can help. We come away, for the most part, with a piece of paper scribbled with an illegible RX.

Here is Your Rx for a New Start
Walk. If you haven’t in a while, don’t go the mile, go the quarter mile or the half-mile. But go! Every Day. Increase it bit by bit.

Add Bonnie Prudden’s Mini-Minute Exercises, which can be done in your own home. If you are stuck at a workplace desk don’t wait, add the deep knee bends to your day. Your legs are an auxiliary pump for your heart. When you do deep knee bends the action of the muscles helps flush the blood back up and strengthens your legs too. Both your legs and your heart will thank you.

Bonnie Prudden's Mini-Minute Exercises


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