IN A 1969 INTERVIEW with the Journal of Physical Education, Bonnie was asked about her philosophy regarding physical fitness. Last month, I was reminded to revisit that article.

Keep Fit Be Happy by Bonnie PruddenI live in the area of Tucson known as the Catalina Foothills. If you’ve had the news on you know we were “enjoying” a fire here, and in some areas – including a stone’s throw from my home residents were being ordered to evacuate.

My home, which was also Bonnie’s, houses all forms of irreplaceable historical material related to Bonnie’s life and work: videos, audio, books, news articles, film, equipment, etc., etc., etc.

In the article, Bonnie talks about fitness in 6 phases – but I will focus here on numbers 2 and 4:

2: “We all must have enough strength to reach out to others. Bonnie feels deeply that if her high school physical education teacher hadn’t taken the time to help her, she would have ended very badly. She believes we are all here to help each other and that we need to have an extra margin of strength to be able to do this.”

4: “We need enough fitness to meet emergencies successfully. The man on point in Viet Nam, the office worker running to catch the bus, the woman on the delivery table.”

Photo of Bighorn Fire by Pamela Hale

Photo of Bighorn Fire by Pamela Hale

After a week of keeping track of the fire which began on June 5th as a result of a lightening strike, the alert came: these areas, including mine, are in SET mode. READY means keep watch and be alert to all notices, SET means pack up what you will need for a few days such personal items, meds, money, as well as important papers and pets, and plan on a place to go. GO means evacuate immediately.

Needless to say, if I had to evacuate I was NOT going to leave without all the Bonnie history. For six hours, six loyal friends and a neighbor emptied the shelves and closets, filling their cars with Bonnie history.

Keep Fit Be Happy Volume 2 by Bonnie PruddenAt the end of the day when I finally took time to look at my watch it was after 5:00pm. Not only was I thankful to my friends who to came to help, but I was thankful that we all had the level of fitness it required to help others and enough to meet emergencies successfully.

I was also very much reminded that Bonnie’s programs of Myotherapy and Exercise work. I am 82. I did the work needed without a problem and I was not sore the next day. That was June 11th.

As I write this on June 30th I have been downgraded to the READY mode and the Bonnie history is still with my wonderful friends. The word is that the fire is 45% contained and they expect that by July 5th the READY mode will be lifted, the Bonnie history will be back on the shelves, and my wonderful friends will have empty cars.

Keep Fit, Be Happy… so that you can help others and meet emergencies.

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